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Webinar im November mit France Lambert

Oktober 2022

Extraction and immediate implant placement is nowadays considered as a reliable treatment option. This approach may have certain benefits in order to preserve the soft tissue architecture and to provide immediate satisfaction of patients. However, key-aspects have to be taken into consideration in order to insure successful and esthetic outcomes. This lecture aims to highlight the benefits and the limits of extraction and immediate implant placement both in the esthetic zone and in the posterior region. Biological principles, decision making and surgical techniques will be discussed through clinical research data and illustrated by case presentations. The overall objective is to propose a rational and minimally invasive treatment approach to the benefit of the patients.

Im November begrüßen wir Prof. France Lambert in unserer Webinarserie. Wir freuen uns auf unseren Gast aus Liège (BE) und Ihre Teilnahme!

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